Grzegorz popkowicz

Master of Physiotherapy

I’ve been working in profession since 2003 when I graduated from Edward Biernacki Medical Vocational Study in Warsaw. A year later I started working in medical center in Konstancin-Jeziorna and it was my very first experience with patients in comma. I also had pleasure to take part in voluntary service in in Bydgoszcz in medical center run by Professor Jan Talar. Just for the record, back then it was one of the best centres in terms of working with people in comma. I must admit this experience was priceless considering my further path as I’ve been working with patients with cerebral damage ever since. In 2005 I established a cooperation with Masovian Association of people with Parkinson disease where I had been working until 2013 conducting home physiotherapy. In 2010 I defended an bachelor thesis „Physiotherapy in case of Parkinson disease” on Masovian University. 8 years later I acquired master degree on Masovian Medical College University with thesis „Impact of physiotherapy and role of the family during treatment course of patient after accidental headshot”. Regularly I enrich my knowledge by attending numerous courses. So far I managed to complete: manual therapy course (lower extremity, sacroiliac joint, lower segments of spine); PNF; neuromobilisation of peripheral nervous system; HVLA (High velocity low amplitude)- spine and peripheral joints.

„Treat your patient as you would like your family to be treated” is a motto I live up to.

I mainly take care of patients:

  • after strokes
  • with cerebral damage
  • with injured spinal cord
  • fractures and joints disorders
  • spine manual therapy
  • athletes
  • elderlies