Radosław Runowiecki

Master of Physiotherapy

In 2015 I graduated from Masovian University with thesis „Knee joint injury and its therapy” and in 2018 I got master degree on Masovian Medical College defending thesis „Lumbar segment pains amongst nurses”. I finished following courses as well:

  • PNF and PNF II
  • neuromobilisation of peripheral nervous system
  • HVLA (High velocity low amplitude)- spine and peripheral joints
  • Maitland manual therapy
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • deep tissues massage in clinical perspective

In the years 2018-2020 I had been working in physiotherapy center, simultaneously I joined CERNIO team.

I mainly look after patients with orthopedic and neurological diseases as well as elderlies. I take care of chronic back pain and personal trainings focused on specific sports.

I try to be active in my free time. I cycle, skate, swim and do calisthenics.