Proper diet adjusted individually can significantly improve one’s frame of mind or staying in shape but also helps in prevention and treatment.

Nutrition in physio

Energy and particular nutrients like protein, fats, carbs, vitamins and other minerals are essential for every organism in order to remain appropriate level of energy and to uphold vital signs. Nutrition is even more important in poor medical condition as it helps to recover faster.

Why diet is so important and effective?

The answer is really simple- each and every of us, humans, is different. Hence the nutrition varies according to sex, age, weight, height, physical activity, physiological condition or environmental factors. Therefore every person needs different quantity of energy coming from food that can provide good condition of organism on a long term.

During physio it’s critical to provide enough nutrients that would build and renew cells and tissues.   We have to pay attention to keep the optimal level of elements like: protein, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, iron, iodine or lipids.

We should also provide energy components like carbs which is truly important in terms of physiotherapy.

In our menus we shall not forget about regulating components i.e. vitamins or micro-/macroelements as they are taking part in transformation processes in humans’ organism.

Bad nutrition is going to cause general weakness, vulnerability for diseases, lengthen time of treatment or negative mental state.

Nutrition advises, determining optimal nutritional plan