About us

CERNIO was founded with passion to physiotherapy to provide you the best possible physiotherapy services without leaving your house, apartment or hotel room! Roots of the brand go back to 2003 and since that time we have established cooperation with many therapists across Warsaw and surroundings thus waiting for out visit never exceeds 7 days. Though in some cases we can react even the same day. Our therapists work in the evenings as well.

We constantly broaden our horizons and enrich our knowledge- we attend special courses on a regular basis so that we would be able to work even better and even more efficiently. So far we managed to complete such courses:

-HVLA (High velocity low amplitude)- spine and peripheral joints


-neuromobilisation of peripheral nervous system

-children posture correction

Our work is simultaneously our passion, so we are always conscientious and honest. Every customer is treated individually and methods of replica rolex therapy are picked according to condition of the patient.

We encourage you to learn more and feel free to contact us if needed!

Best regards!

Cernio Team